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Nilay Vora invited speaker at new USC Honors Residential Colleges

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On March 27, 2018, firm founder Nilay U. Vora was invited to speak to honors students at his alma mater, the University of Southern California, by Mathematics Professor Neelesh Tiruviluamala and the Residential Faculty of the new residential colleges of the USC Village. Nilay spoke about his journey from Texas through USC, the United Kingdom and the Marshall Scholarship, his time at Harvard Law School, and his current practice of law, including his prominent civil rights work.


Law 360 – Real Estate Cases To Watch In 2017

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Real Estate Cases To Watch In 2017

“In Sakhrani v. City of San Gabriel, filed in early 2016, Dr. Lakhi Sakhrani is challenging a reversal of an earlier grant of a permit for him to build a new dialysis center in San Gabriel, California.

The San Gabriel City Council had granted Sakhrani approval to build the center at a commercially zoned location, but under later pressure from residents who live on nearby Country Club Drive, the council reversed that decision. (more…)

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Baton Rouge Advocate: ‘Dangerously hot’: Death row inmates still face health problems from heat years after order to cool it down

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By Joe gyan jr.

JUN 15, 2016

The state has done “little if anything” to keep the sweltering heat on Louisiana’s death row below 88 degrees, a Baton Rouge federal judge said Wednesday while warning he won’t shy away from making a “tough and unpopular” decision to protect the health and safety of three ailing condemned killers.

Nilay Vora, one of the inmates’ attorneys, asked Jackson to order implementation of the state’s first heat remediation plan. Vora said death row without air conditioning exposes Ball, Code and Magee to “serious risk of substantial harm.”

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