Below are selected results that Mr. Vora has achieved for his clients.


  • Successful abstention by federal court in case alleging $15 million in damages. Mr. Vora represented a city that was accused of purported civil rights violations stemming from its alleged breach of contract with one of the largest and most active developers in the United States. The developer alleged $15 million in damages as a result. A federal judge refused to hear the case because it involved complex state law land use issues that should have been heard in state court proceedings.
  • Successful resolution of real estate case that was recognized by Law360 as one of three “Real Estate Cases to Watch in 2017.” Mr. Vora was lead counsel to a healthcare provider who was granted permits to build a new facility but was then blocked from building the facility after the city improperly reversed its decision to grant the building permits. Despite significant opposition from neighbors and the political governing bodies, the healthcare facility ultimately reached a tentative resolution that will allow the facility to be built and serve hundreds of patients.
  • Successful resolution of consumer class action lawsuit. Mr. Vora successfully defended a leading consumer beverage company from a class action lawsuit in which the plaintiff sought damages and injunctive relief valued in excess of $5 million for a class of purchasers. After Mr. Vora briefed a motion to dismiss all claims, the plaintiff settled for less than nuisance value.
  • Complete victory on summary judgment in breach of contract case alleging 7 figures in damages. Mr. Vora represented a company that owns and operates community hospitals in a breach of contract case. Mr. Vora efficiently achieved a complete victory for his client by first conducting limited but targeted written discovery and then moving for summary judgment without taking a single deposition. The judge granted the motion in its entirety and Mr. Vora’s client received costs as the prevailing party.
  • Walk-away settlement for defendants days before trial. Mr. Vora defended a client in a seven-figure breach of contract dispute relating to the financing of various transactions
    for the formerly publicly traded company. Days before the start of trial, plaintiff agreed to a walk-away settlement resolving the case entirely.
  • Victory and sanctions awarded following high profile civil rights trial in federal court. Mr. Vora represents three death row inmates at Louisiana State Penitentiary in their claims of confinement in extreme heat and violations of the Eighth Amendment. Following a three day bench trial in 2013, the federal court for the Middle District of Louisiana issued a 102 page order that provided a nearly complete victory for Mr. Vora’s clients, including an award of attorneys’ fees. At Mr. Vora’s motion, the court also issued an 88-page order granting discovery sanctions against the state and its lawyers, resulting in further monetary sanctions and an order to show cause as to why defendants’ counsel should not be disciplined for misconduct.
  • Complete victory in representation of Councilmember Chin Ho Liao. In 2013, Mr. Vora served as lead counsel to then embattled Councilmember-Elect Chin Ho Liao in in the City of San Gabriel’s hearings on whether Mr. Liao could seek and hold elected office. Following a three day hearing and the testimony of multiple witnesses, the San Gabriel City Council found in favor of Councilmember Liao and swore him in expeditiously.
  • Confidential settlement resulting in full protection of trade secrets. Mr. Vora represented a client whose trade secrets, including sensitive business strategy documents, were stolen by a former employee who had left to join his client’s direct competitor. Nilay employed a cost-effective litigation strategy that ultimately led to a confidential settlement that protected the client’s trade secrets and prevented any damage resulting from the theft.

Ball v. LeBlanc, 792 F.3d 584 (5th Cir. 2015)


  • Securities Fraud Defense of Individual in SEC and US Attorney Investigation. Mr. Vora represented a portfolio manager at an investment firm accused of securities fraud and insider trading. The US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York declined to bring any criminal charges or indictment. All SEC fines that Mr. Vora’s client had originally been required to pay were ultimately vacated by federal courts.
  • Defense of Individuals in Healthcare Fraud Investigations. Mr. Vora has represented healthcare professionals and healthcare plans and providers when they have been investigated by state and federal law enforcement authorities. Many of the individuals that Mr. Vora has represented have ultimately not been charged with a crime or otherwise prosecuted at the conclusion of the government’s investigation.
  • Defense of Individuals in Public Integrity Investigations. Mr. Vora has represented multiple individuals in various public integrity investigations. The investigations have been resolved without any criminal charges or indictment of the individuals represented by Mr. Vora.
  • Defense of Individuals in Money Laundering Investigations. Mr. Vora has represented multiple individuals in various matters arising from cross-border money laundering investigations. The investigations have been resolved without any criminal charges or indictment of the individuals represented by Mr. Vora.